Mudumalai Sanctuary  

The predators of the skies are the crested hawk eagle and the crested serpent eagle. The rest of the avian population boasts of the flamboyant hornbills, the great black woodpecker with its red crest, mynahs, barbets, parakeets, tiny eared owl and the scops owl. 

The sylvan hilly terrain of the Western Ghats render Mudumalai (ancient hills) a highly attractive wildlife reserve. The Mysore-Ooty highway cuts through the Park, trailing the course of the Moyar river, which separates Mudumalai from Bandipur. 321 sq. km. in area, the sanctuary is home to the wild elephant, gaur, deer and primates like the bonnet macaque and langurs. The predators that inhabit the park are the tiger, leopard and the dhole - the Asiatic wild dog - that hunts in packs.

Lion-tailed macaque 

The Annamalai Sanctuary, adjacent to Mudumalai is famous for the two species exclusive to it - the Nilgiri langur and the lion-tailed macaque. 

When to visit

The best time to visit is from February to June. 

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